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Our mission is to create fun and educational experiences that enrich children’s lives with the craft and enjoyment of cooking.

Photo of the owner of Spilled Batter

Our Story

Spilled Batter was founded by Sally Houx, a former elementary and middle school teacher, who was raised by two chefs. After several years in the classroom, she decided to take a break and spend time at home raising her two children. As she provided a place to safely learn, explore and experiment with both familiar and new foods, she quickly discovered that she could combine her two passions, teaching and cooking. 


Sally launched Spilled Batter to share this gift with other people’s children, offering them the opportunity to build lifelong skills, spark creativity, and inspire collaboration with others. 

kids learning in the kitchen

Our Kitchen

The Spilled Batter Kitchen is located in Scottsdale, Arizona off of 56th Street and Cactus. 

The space accommodates up to 12 participants per class.

The kitchen is equipped with all needed appliances and age appropriate equipment. 

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